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Research and Development Centre

On 13 August 2013, by virtue of and administrative decision issued by Janusz Piechociński, the Minister of Economy, OPEGIEKA was granted an official status of Research and Development Centre (CBR). Being awarded with the status of an R&D Centre is a consequence of efficiently run innovative activities and exercising due care for dynamic development of its products and services. As a matter of fact, the distinction must be considered as a crowning achievement with reference to execution of the EU project "Expansion of OPEGIEKA – establishment of Research and Development Centre GIS CENTRE".

Innovations, Research and Development

The years 2010-2013 must be regarded as a groundbreaking period within the framework of the company’s research and development activity. Executing two projects associated with R&D allowed OPEGIEKA personnel to gain new experience and knowledge concerning new geoinformatics technologies. Moreover, execution of the aforementioned projects enabled the company to launch a production line (innovative for Polish standards) related to photogrammetric and remote sensing studies/documents, ranging from obtaining spatial data by means of a digital camera, laser scanner and thermal camera with use of the company’s own airplane, through elaboration of data originating from aerial photographs, to a finished product in the form of a digital map. The company conducted works on drawing up a technologically mature and flexible solution dedicated to handling decision-making processes with the use of possibilities and functionalities offered by GIS spatial information system, based on an innovative SOA technology, involving application of SaaS and PaaS models.

Moreover, OPEGIEKA also conducts numerous research aiming at generating new solutions for geoinformatics. The company’s watchword is ‘We set directions’ and accordingly, pursuant to its motto, the company has undertaken to solve research problems which, upon being implemented, are to be reflected in the company’s commercial offer:

  • TERMOMAP – „Research into applying aerial thermal imaging technology for the purpose of generating thermal maps”
  • SOLARMAP – „Research into use of solar energy potential”
  • VMAPaaS i TOPaaS – „Research into applying SaaS technology in generating maps”.
  • SMARTCLOUD – „Research into structure of isolated private clouds”.
The EU Regulations

The years 2006-2008 must be considered as a period of the company’s dynamic growth. The opportunities brought about by the newly adopted EU regulations and ordinances, increase in subsidies from the European Union structural funds, as well as the market pressure contributed to the fact that the slogan "computerisation and .NET technology" gained widespread popularity. Consequently, OPEGIEKA managed to discern its enormous personnel potential, technological potential and substantive potential in order to participate in the country’s computerisation process, and thereby build and develop the information society.

Implementation of ambitious plans

On 13 February 2009, OPEGIEKA signed a contract with the Ministry of Economy concerning subsidies and financial backing for an investment project executed within the framework of Operational Programme Innovative Economy, Priority 4, Measure 4.5 – "Support for Investments of Vital Importance to the Economy". The project entitled "Expansion of OPEGIEKA – establishment of the Research and Development Centre – GIS Centre", amounting to the total value exceeding PLN 15 million, obtained subsidy funding at the level of 60% of eligible costs, i.e. PLN 9.3 million. The project contributed to establishment of Data Centre, Secret Office and Academic Centre.

OPTER (land fees and payments)

According to the old and well-known proverb saying that "necessity is the mother of invention", OPEGIEKA carried out another significant project in 2006. It was an IT system for comprehensive handling of real estate management tasks, including municipal property and the State Treasury property. Acting within the framework of Geodesy Department at the Municipal Office in Elbląg, land fee office aroused its interest in implementing an additional record for handling land fees and payments, operating within the framework of the widely recognsed ESIP system. OPTER (land fees and payments) supported execution of the local government unit’s tasks with respect to handling of fees concerning perpetual usufruct, permanent administration, transformation of usufruct and ownership, sales of real estate, lease and tenancy, as well as others.

ESIP – Elbląg Spatial Information System

As far as works on other functional modules for ESIP are concerned, four individual modules were established: WTD module (Document Generation Support), RED module (Electronic Document Repository), EOD module (Electronic Documentation Workflow) and RPS module (Register of Letters and Cases).

Satellite Global Positioning System GPS

In 2004, activity of a reference station was launched. The reference station, located on the roof of the company’s building in Tysiąclecia Street, became a part of a newly formed network of reference stations of GPS Satellite Global Positioning System called Aktywna Sieć Geodezyjna ASG PL. The launching of the station was an innovative undertaking at an international level.

New technology of map computerisation

In 2001, OPEGIEKA implemented a new technology concerning map computerisation for land register by means of a photogrammetric method. Several maps were drawn up for Warmia and Mazury Voivodeship by means of this technology .

Conference dedicated to the Centre for Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation (ODGiK)

In April 2000, OPEGIEKA organised the 3rd Conference dedicated to "Numerical Centre for Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation (NODGiK) in the reformed country", which was supposed to summarise the company’s eight-year experience in this field. The conference turned out to be very successful and was therefore entered into the agenda of company events as a significant undertaking, not only of marketing value, but primarily of scientific and educational value.

Specialised projects

Establishment of General Numerical Plan for Petrochemia Płock created a chance to implement this solution at other industrial plants. Photogrammetry became one of more important production departments, whereas contracts signed with companies from the United Arab Emirates allowed for execution of similar projects overseas. Simultaneously, it was necessary for the company to strengthen its position with respect to geodesic and surveying studies/elaborations for military purposes.

In 1999, Geomatics Department drew up numerical maps for project execution purposes, topographic map for the Polish Army, numerical cadastral map for 7 communes situated in Wejherowo Poviat, orthophotomap of Elbląg, update of the three-dimensional map of Abu Dhabi, and update of the map of Elbląg. What is more, the aforementioned Geomatics Department implemented General Numerical Plan for Polski Koncern Naftowy Płock (Polish Oil Corporation), as well as developed the concept, execution and implementation of Poviat Numerical Centre for Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation for District Starosty of Elbląg.

Cooperation with Petrochemia Płock

In 1998, Petrochemia Płock was shown the operating philosophy of NOBEL software and other spatial information systems. It was those systems that initiated construction of another information technology tool called NPG, an acronym standing for General Numerical Plan. Due to organisation characteristics of the petrochemical industry, implementation of a tool ensuring precise and accurate analysis of spatially located data was indispensable to streamline operation of the company and efficient management at all its levels.

OPEGIEK – production of labels

Starting from 1997, Printing and Marketing Department mastered production of one of the labels for Elbrewery Elbląg, which was a large step forward towards cooperation with EB. Specialist ATLAS machinery for cutting and packaging beer labels was purchased. The following year, the company made further investments for the printing house purposes by purchase of a numerically-controlled five-colour printing machine. In March 1997, the manufacturing activities of Printing and Marketing Department were transferred to the newly redecorated facility in Warszawska Street, Elbląg. Simultaneously, the Management Board of OPEGIEKA undertook organisational separation (demerger) of Printing and Marketing Department and located this department at Opegiek Sp. z o.o.

Numerical Centre for Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation (NODGiK)

OPEGIEKA has been running its original copyrighted IT system – Numerical Centre for Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation, ordered by the Municipal Office in Elbląg, since 1997.


A photogrammetric station called "Image Station" was purchased in 1997, which appears to be a strategic decision due to the fact that demand for photogrammetric services largely increased at that time. Terrain spatial models and orthophotomaps of Kraków-Tarnów motorway were drawn up in the same year. This absolutely innovative technology was implemented by two employees of OPEGIEKA – A. Augustynowicz and J. Kuciński.

Imaginner Technical Integration

Another notable success achieved by IT specialists working for Numerical Map Department at OPEGIEKA involved writing software for controlling tool selection at numerical machine tools. This software, called Imaginner Technical Integration, was developed for ABB Mannheim (Germany) and implemented at all ABB subsidiaries worldwide. As a token of recognition of professional competences, ABB Mannheim awarded OPEGIEKA with the status of a corporate software designer and concluded a long-standing framework agreement in this respect.

Printing and Marketing Department

A facility situated in Warszawska Street was purchased in 1995 in order to facilitate further development of Printing and Marketing Department. Relocation of the department allowed for introducing efficient management, increasing sales volumes and improving working conditions. Due to the specific characteristics of printing activities, it was essential to separate the department from OPEGIEKA organisational structures and transfer the department to a daughter company "Opegiek", still being the ownership of OPEGIEKA.


NOBEL, which was a specific IT tool, addressed and targeted to surveying administration and surveying works contractors, was established in 1994. Its task was to undertake comprehensive operations and activities run by the National Geodetic and Cartographic Resource. The solutions used in the application allowed land surveyors to carry out surveying works in an electronic form and to transfer their outputs in an electronic form to the Centre for Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation (ODGiK). In 1995, the company executed the largest contract of this project concerning measurements of A-1 Motorway on the stretch Gdańsk - Toruń. Surveyor General of Poland placed NOBEL software in the official publication issued by the Head Office of Land Surveying and Cartography as a tool recommended for supplying and updating the numerical map. It was recommended that contractors of surveying works should apply the aforementioned software while carrying out their works.

Numerical maps

Numerical Map Department was set up in 1993, when the company developed a new technology of generating numerical maps and cadastral maps, as well as a technology of obtaining and processing terrain data. Simultaneously, trainings of the company’s partners with respect to applied technologies of drawing up and developing numerical maps were commenced. The Department played a crucial role in in-house analyses of topographical maps for Elbląg – Królewiec motorway, in particular, by creating a three-dimensional terrain model for designing purposes on a mass production scale.

Dynamic development

The company’s original activity involved executing orders concerning renewal of land register and horizontal and vertical control networks recommended by the Municipal Office and the Voivodeship Office. Furthermore, works related to cost estimation and real estate trading were also conducted at the same time. Observing the changing trends and development concerning computerisation of economic life, the company established an information technology laboratory in 1989. The first orders were associated with computerisation of land register within the framework of EG-91 system, which allowed for increasing the personnel’s qualifications and gaining experience in computer laboratories. Thanks to the aforementioned actions, the company proved its possibilities with respect to milestone execution of "Terrain Information System".

Long-standing practice and experience

Okręgowe Przedsiębiorstwo Geodezyjno - Kartograficzne OPEGIEKA Sp. z o.o. was set up on 24 February 1989 as an employee-owned company, resulting from ownership transformations of Elbląg Branch of Regional OPGK in Gdańsk. The basic and original activity of the business was based on providing comprehensive geodesic and cartographic services.