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Since OPEGIEKA’s transformation in 1989, we have been a driver of industry innovation and a great supporter of local economy. Today we lead the geoinformatics industry with 100 highly qualified employees and an innovative approach and dedication to delivering top-notch products and services. The turning point for the company was the 2009 year, in which OPEGIEKA began the process of transformation from a production company into a research and development center based on knowledge, technology and independently conducted research and development activities. The 2009 year was also the beginning for building the foundations for new activities for the company and drove change to the entire business model, which contributed to strengthening the position of OPEGIEKA on the market as a leader, and gaining more innovative contracts. Our competitive advantage can be described by the following factors: highly specialized staff, products and services diversification, investments, innovative projects, quality policy and own Data Center.


OPEGIEKA’ s main potential is highly qualified staff, in particular teams of industry experts and specialists. During the recruitment process we pay the most careful attention to their education, expertise and willingness to contribute to the further development of company’s portfolio. OPEGIEKA employees participate in a number of training courses aimed at developing their both technical and personal skills. In 2013 the Leadership Management Poland company, one of the largest and most successful companies offering trainings aimed at developing people and organizations, trained OPEGIEKA employees (CEOs, managers, project leaders) who are responsible for key processes in the enterprise, in terms of raising their personal efficiency and thus their effective management of the different levels of company’s activity. To ensure the continuity of recruitment OPEGIEKA also cooperates with the best universities in Poland in order to attract the best graduates to work for the company and offer internships to students. This approach allows OPEGIEKA to consequently monitor the labour market within the industry and have access to the best young fry before the competition.


OPEGIEKA’s structure is divided into: IT, ICT, Research & Development, Flight operations, Photogrammetry & Cartography, Surveying and Geomatics Departments. Being in the possession of several departments we can take pride in having broad competencies. We can pursue interdisciplinary projects, quickly diversify our production and adopt our employees’ skills to changing market trends. This enables us to being flexible within the market we supply our services with and rapidly scale our production capacity. This type of diversification allows us to reduce the risk of depending on only one type of production and be one step ahead of our competition.

Investments, innovative projects

The scale of R & D projects in our company is quite significant. Over the last years we have prepared applications for EU funding programmes worth more than 50 million PLN. In addition to the projects co-financed from the EU, we carry out research works financed by own funds. During this period the company has invested money mainly in modern equipment, technology, employees and projects that have opened a number of new opportunities and markets to conquer.

Research & Development Center

In 2013 Minister of Economy Janusz Piechociński granted OPEGIEKA the official Status of Research and Development Center. This means that the company met the criteria described in art. 17  section 2 of the Act on supporting innovative activities and joined a prestigious group of commercial entities with the Status in Poland. Hence, the company may transfer up to 20% of its monthly income to create its own innovation fund. Funds accumulated in this way can be used to fund own research activities and develop new projects. Also, as a private research center OPEGIEKA is able to apply for grants for research activities. OPEGIEKA was the first company in the industry to get the official status that has strengthen company’s research potential and opened it to new market opportunities.

Quality policy

OPEGIEKA puts a lot of effort to assure high quality of the products offered and services provided. Due to highly qualified personnel and experience, the company can run a consistent quality policy, the confirmation of which is reflected by quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2008 and certified information security management system ISO/IEC 27001:2013. The use and improvement of modern technologies is of fundamental significance for building and increasing the level of quality. Thanks to those aspects, products and services offered by OPEGIEKA can be distributed to a wide range of recipients worldwide.

Data Center

OPEGIEKA being in the need of more reliable IT infrastructure that would meet its growing business requirements has decided to build its own Data Center. The whole facility is designed to deliver high availability processes and ensure continuous work both for the company and external contractors. Thanks to the Data Center infrastructure we gradually change our business model from selling software licenses to SaaS subscription fees (Software as a Service). Now we are able to scale up to 1 MVA power consumption, which means the power of about 3,000 virtual servers, or about 15,000 virtual desktop computers. The infrastructure enables us to develop our research activities independently and offer new services and products to customers.