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Colocation service

Colocation service is addressed to clients who have their own servers and would like them to be placed in a secure Data Center. The offer includes: a place in the server rack, guaranteed power supply, constant environmental conditions, monitoring, physical security and guaranteed access to the Internet. There is also provided physical access to the infrastructure, remote support for technical problems and the ability to take advantage of a number of additional services, ie. individual settlement of electricity consumption, technical service, web domains service, IP-PA web addresses.

Dedicated server

It is the possibility to rent a server with a specially selected hardware configuration matching customer’s individual needs such as launch of own systems, websites or business applications. Each server is assigned exclusively to one customer. This allows to take individual approach to the use of resources, eg. through the use of virtualization, without having to incur high costs and to ensure maintenance.

Within the core service there is provided a dedicated server in a particular hardware configuration along with a full package of colocation. Optionally, the customer can rent Microsoft system and application software or from another producer. As an additional service the offer includes the possibility of delegating administrative tasks to Data Center engineers, along with a full technical support for systems and applications installed. The offer also includes access to the Internet and the disk space for the purpose of data backup.