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Three easy steps to set your virtual server!

1 Select name
Give your virtual server a unique name.

2. Select operating system
Decide which system is suitable for you and choose among: Linux, Windows Server 2012 or a specialized Firewall system, Router, Network Load Balancer. Each operating system is available in two versions: "Mini" version – minimal installation, "Web" version – a web server with a database.

3. Set parameters
Add all your needed resources to the virtual server as part of the package that contains certain values of vCPUs, RAM and HDD. Then place your server in one of the three clouds: private, public or hybrid. If resources are inadequate or unused – you can adjust them yourself in the Admin panel.


VirtualClouds uses an innovative approach to the use of resources. Resources are sold in packages that can be easily combined. When you buy a package, you do not buy a single virtual server but the opportunity to create a few or several virtual servers within your existing resources of CPU, RAM and HDD within just a few minutes.

The resources can be flexibly split both when creating a virtual server and after it has been created. This enables the resources to be allocated and changed in accordance with the need of the given moment.

Everything is done through a convenient, fast and intuitive control panel to manage virtual servers, which allows to create a virtual server on one’s own, change its parameters, start, stop, restart, snapshots, reinstall the system and mount a virtual CD-ROM. The user can also access the resources via WebKVM remote desktop.