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Technical description

Location - Data Center is located in the centre of Elbląg; the total area of 160 sq. metres; technical floor, no windows in the server rooms.

Power supply - Two independent 15 kV medium voltage lines, two 1000 kVA medium voltage transformers, supplemented with a power generator; an uninterruptable power system (UPS) with a battery pack. Each server rack is equipped with guaranteed 230V power supply.

Physical protection - Data Center is equipped with closed-circuit television system (indoors and outdoors), as well as zone access control system based on proximity cards. All the rooms are monitored on a 24/7/365 basis.

Cooling - Precision air conditioning system with temperature and humidity control, two independent cooling systems and a free-cooling system utilising chilled water.

Fire protection - An early fire and smoke detection system at a molecular level, as well as automatic fire extinguishing and fire spread system, utilising extinguishing agent which is safe for equipment and people.

Communications - Fibre-optic cables from the following telecommunications operators: GTS, Netia, Dialog, TP or Pionier; municipal broadband network Elman; The Data Center facilities ensure fibre-optic correspondence and copper correspondence.

Telecommunications system - Network equipment, including core layer switches with capacity of 2.4 TB/s, optical switches. Access to the Internet is provided by firewall-class devices. The routing to telecommunications network operators is provided by BGP routers. We have also our own class of PI IPv4 addresses with dedicated access service network (ASN).