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Data harmonisation

OPEGIEKA executed harmonization of BDOT10k databases and ATKIS. Data harmonisation provides access to spatial data using web services representations that allow to combine the data into a coherent unit using a single specification of products and services. Data harmonization consists of harmonization of spatial data and management harmonization of databases. The process of harmonization of a database is multistage and includes:

  • sources analysis,
  • defining mapping rules,
  • data conversion,
  • transformation of coordinates,
  • preparation of place for the storage of harmonized data
  • adjusting application layer to the management of harmonized data.

The effect - standardized spatial data from different sources and systems can be used for data visualization and realization of analytical issues in the field of physiography, urban planing, environmental protection and nature conservation, technical infrastructure, protection against hazards, landscape planning, economics, sociology, architecture and cultural heritage.