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Aerial photo

Aerial photo is an image of the surface of the Earth that is obtained from the aircraft using air camera directed perpendicularly to the Earth's surface. The main parameter responsible for the quality of the image is spatial resolution (Ground Sample Distance) – the size of the pixel on the ground. This factor is related to the parameters of the flight camera that affect the altitude of the air mission and area that is covered by a single photo.


GSD [m/px] Area covered by
single photo [km]
Height [m]
0,35 5,25 × 5,25 5 750
0,25 3,75 × 3,75 4 100
0,10 1,50 × 1,50 1 650
0,03 0,45 × 0,45 500
OPEGIEKA provides images in raster format with a defined compression, enhanced with geospatial information (GeoTIFF, ECW, MrSID) or without this information (JPEG).
OPEGIEKA offer includes providing
  • images in RGB colors
  • CIR near-infrared images
  • thermal images

OPEGIEGA uses Large-format camera  Intergraph DMC II 230 - see more.