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SP-GEO ready for missions


Successful integration of the latest OPEGIEKA investments: Aircraft Vulcanair P68 TC Observer and photogrammetric sensors for air missions.

OPEGIEKA Aerial Platform in cooperation with companies RIEGL and Intergraph, world’s leaders in the production of air sensors, is equipped with high quality measurement equipment that allows carrying out even the most demanding projects. The Aerial Platform consists of two independently operating suites. The first suite consists of a large format camera DMC-II230 from Intergraph and  navigation system GPS / IMU from IGI. The camera is distinguished by one of the world's largest Dalsa panchromatic arrays sized 15 552 x 14 144 pixels. Competitive solutions in order to obtain a similar resolution use several smaller arrays, from which pictures are "combined" into a single image. This modern array along with the 92 mm focal length allows to take pictures with 3 cm GSD (Ground Sample Distance) from the ceiling of 500m and 15 cm from almost 2500m. The second set consists of an airborne laser scanner LMS- Q680i from RIEGL, thermal camera DigiTHERM and medium format airborne digital camera DigiCAM60, both from IGI. This configuration allows simultaneous recording of data about terrain surface in the form of points with known coordinates (cloud points), terrain coverage in RGB composition and its temperature (thermal imaging). This suite is able to register up to 266 000 thousand points per second, images with a resolution of 60 Megapixels at 1.6 seconds frame rate and thermal imaging in the range from - 40 ° C to 120 ° C every 0.2 seconds.

Assembly work was performed by Airborne Technologies from Vienna. The interior of Vulcanair P68 TC Observer has been adapted for the purpose of carrying out even the most demanding flight missions. Test and calibration flights, in which OPEGIEKA employees took part, took place on 4-7.X.2011 in Wiener Neustadt, near Vienna. They confirmed the full readiness to carry out missions by both the aerial platform and OPEGIEKA pilots and operators.

The purchase of the aircraft and sensors is part of the UE project  titled „ Development and implementation of production regarding digital maps on the basis of fusion of aerial photogrammetric and remote sensing images” , that is being implemented under Measure 1.4-4.1 Operational Programme Innovative Economy. The total cost of the project amounts to nearly 17 million PLN and EU funding to 8.2 million PLN.