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OPEGIEKA with the Reserach and Development Center status


As stated in the decision of the Minister of Economy Janusz Piechociński of 13 August 2013 OPEGIEKA has joined a small group of commercial entities that have the status of research and development center. This means that the company meets the criteria set out in art. 17  section 2 of the Act on supporting innovative activities.

Granting OPEGIEKA the status is a result of successfully led innovation activity, attention to the dynamic development of company’s products and services, as well as the fine culmination of the project financed by the European Regional Development Fund titled "The development of the OPEGIEKA company - the creation of the Research and Development Centre GIS Centre". As a result of the project, the company have built Data Center - specialized digital data processing center, which provides a high level of security, processing, maintenance and data storage. Data Center is focused on delivering services in cloud computing technology. In addition, as a result of the project  too, OPEGIEKA created Secret Bureau that is dedicated to work on classified material classified top secret, secret Nato and EU Secret .

To ensure the highest quality and compliance with current market trends, the company conducts research and development work for its current production. The company owes its position to a highly diversified range of products and services and the implementation of interdisciplinary projects that require in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry and the latest information technology and telecommunications. The greatest potential of OPEGIEKA is qualified staff, in particular, teams of industry experts and specialists. The company is continuously conducting research, investing in new technologies and equipment and cooperates with domestic and foreign partners. OPEGIEKA has created as a result of their own and joint industrial research and development work a range of dedicated products which have been implemented and sold to external customers.

The status is not only about privileges and responsibilities, but also new opportunities. Currently OPEGIEKA is carrying out four innovative projects, including two in collaboration with universities, aimed at the creation of new or significantly improved products dedicated to public administration and solutions for defense and security of the country. According to the information given on the website of the Ministry of the Economy "The purpose of granting the status is the development of private research and development sector and an increase in demand for R+D". The status means new opportunities for OPEGIEKA which the company seeks to use with the greatest care and responsibility.