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Voice Maps awarded with Brussels Eureka Gold Medal


On 14-16 November 2013 took place 62nd edition of Brussels Innova, the world exhibition on inventions, research and new technologies. This is one of the three most important events related to innovation in the world, dedicated to technology transfer and implementation of technical progress. The inventors came from all over the world to Brussels Expo Heysel.

Polish Pavilion was represented by the largest group of inventions. Among the ninety inventions presented by Polish researchers, there was Gdansk University of Technology and OPEGIEKA with their joint project Voice Maps. During the three days of the exhibition the stand with the prototype of the invention visited dozens of visitors and a large group of judges assessing in detail various presentations. Voice Maps - navigation for the visually impaired and blind, aroused great interest among the visitors and received a lot of positive feedback. Both judges and domain experts emphasized the innovative use of the idea of social networks, mobile positioning technology and the global reach of the product that can be available to millions of mobile phones users. During the presentation of Voice Maps there were presented navigation paths and the participants could also ask for their own paths regardless of where they live in the world.

All of these attributes contributed to Voice Maps being awarded with BRUSSELS EUREKA GOLD MEDAL. After a silver medal at Technicon-Innovation in Gdańsk it is another award for this project, which motivates the entire project team to continue to work hard to commercialize the product .