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Declaration of cooperation with the Military Technical Academy


After a series of fruitful discussions in December 2013 OPEGIEKA and the authorities of the Military Technical Academy signed a Letter of Intent. As part of the agreement, the parties plan to take action and contribute to the development of science and technology and apply jointly in the programs organized by the National Centre for Research and Development, National Science Centre and in other national programs. The signatories of the Letter of Intent are Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodesy of the Military Technical Academy prof. Ireneusz Winnicki and OPEGIEKA President Florian Romanowski .

Signing the Letter of Intent is a consequence of effectively and consistently conducted by OPEGIEKA its research and development activities. The company since 2007 has been trying to gain a competitive advantage through the implementation of their own R&D work and projects. OPEGIEKA extensive experience in the geo – information industry, creating systems, massive data acquisition and its processing, make the company a valuable partner with the best universities in Poland in research consortiums. Currently OPEGIEKA is conducting two innovative projects aimed at the creation of new or significantly improved products dedicated to public administration and applying for scientific grants in cooperation with leading technical universities in the country.

Receiving the Status of the Research and Development Center by OPEGIEKA in August 2013 confirmed its greatest care for the development of its products and services based on advanced R&D works. This means that the company has joined the prestigious group of commercial research units in Poland and that now is able to create new trends in the development of the geo - information industry and contribute to the growth of demand for R&D services in the country.