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Voice Maps - National Invention 2013


The 21st Exchange of Polish Inventions Awarded at the World Exhibition of Innovations in 2013 took place from 11th to 12th February 2014 in Warsaw Copernicus Centre. Project “Voice Maps” developed by OPEGIEKA was awarded with two prestigious titles: Minister of Science and Higher Education Award and "Award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for outstanding inventions at international arena in 2013 ". In addition, Gazeta Wyborcza, found the project one of the seven major national inventions of 2013.

"Voice Maps" is an innovative GIS system supporting independent movement of the blind in urban areas developed by OPEGIEKA in cooperation with Gdansk University of Technology. On the client-side the application works on devices with Android operating system and uses GPS receiver that is built-in into the smartphone and is based on maps developed for the blind. The software offers features such as: "lead to", "how far" and "describe the situation", offers a touch interface adapted for the blind and voice messages. The system is also equipped with the "panic" button that calls a friend or technical support. Currently the system is at the stage of commercialization.

The "Voice maps" project was invited to participate in the Exchange thanks to receiving very positive feedback during the 62nd edition of Brussels Innova 2013. In Brussels, OPEGIEKA together with Gdansk University of Technology has been awarded with Brussels EUREKA GOLD MEDAL 2013. Earlier  last year the solution was awarded with silver medal at Technicon-Innovation 2013 in Gdansk.