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Travelling with a compass, map and VR glasses


A field game, cartographic workshop and demonstration of an unmanned airship [UAV]. We have just experienced another visit of young spatial information enthusiasts. This time we played host to the pupils from the third grade the School Complex in Stare Pole.

The workshop was split into three main parts: a field game, cartographic workshop and demonstration of an unmanned airship – a drone. The participants of the field game had to stand up to quite a big challenge. The task was to cover the route from our company to the Market Gate, one of  Elbląg’s tourist attractions, on foot. The trip itself would not have been anything spectacular had it not been for the fact that the children didn’t know their final destination. They had to navigate using a compass and map (electronic and paper form), and simultaneously seeking for the intermediate points. Such a seemingly simple task changed into a very interesting and demanding game.

We started the cartographic workshop with brainstorming. We asked the children to tell the differences between a globe and a map. This is what  we really need  a map for – says Tomek, a co-organiser and workshop leader. It turned out that within the framework of the discussion the children used all the experience gained during the field game. It showed how well they assimilate all the information when we adjust the message to their abilities and the child is actively involved in execution of a particular task.

The workshop participants had a chance for finding fulfilment while working on their own with computers. They had an opportunity to carry out mapping based on an orthophotomap editorial backing . During the presentation of the aircraft equipment, we all moved to another dimension, literally, says Tomasz. We equipped the kids with VR glasses so that they could experience a drone flight simulation. We proposed a rollercoaster ride to more courageous kids - laughs Tomek. The workshop was prepared by the OPEGIEKA inter-company team, who are themselves conscious parents on a daily basis. This is the third meeting organized by OPEGIEKA at which children can familiarise themselves with science and technology.