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The grand opening of the FabSpace Laboratory


On 17 January 2017,  celebration of the first birthday of the Centre for Managing Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Warsaw University of Technology, where particular departments presented their previous achievements and benefits which are brought about by the co-operation between science, business and public administration, was accompanied by the official opening ceremony of the FabSpace Laboratory. The celebration was naturally featured by official cutting of the red ribbon, which was jointly performed by representatives of the Warsaw University of Technology, OPEGIEKA and CZIiTT (the Centre for Managing Innovation and Technology Transfer).

The laboratory was formed within the framework of the FabSpace 2.0 project („Fablab for geodata-driven innovation-by leveraging Space data in particular, in Univeristies 2.0”), financed from the EU Framework Programme ‘Horizon 2020’. The project is executed by an international consortium which gathers scientific institutions and business partners from 6 countries: Belgium, France, Greece, Germany, Italy and Poland (which is represented by OPEGIEKA and the Warsaw University of Technology).

The FabSpace Laboratory will be a centre which provides access to a number of various data (including spatial data and satellite data), FabSpace platform (, open source software and tools for data processing in order to develop new applications. FabSpace is a place where people work together in the field of innovations which are based on data obtained from the space ceiling. This offer is mainly addressed to students, scientists, but also to other people who are interested in this project. The laboratory is equipped with desktops, laptops and tablets characterised by appropriate parameters to work with satellite data and the software necessary for their development and analysis.

Within the framework of the project, we will collect challenges and problems faced by external stakeholders, and subsequently FabSpace lab users will try to solve the aforementioned challenges and problems, create new applications, simultaneously providing for the main objective of the project, which is the use of satellite data.

We have just celebrated the opening of the FabSpace laboratory and what is next?

We invite you to familiarize yourselves with the idea of ​​the project, to work together and take up new challenges. All information can be found at,, as well as at CZIiTT - Room 5.05.

We will start with the subject of CLEF 2017 competition the number of people in a specific area.

Along with the emergence of new challenges, we hope to arouse specific interest in and make an attempt at finding a solution to the problem. We hope to see the success of our users.

Some relevant information is presented below:

The location of FabSpace Platform:

OPEGIEKA Sp. z o.o.,

al. Tysiąclecia 11, 82-300 Elbląg

The location of FabSpace Laboratory:

The Centre for Managing Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Warsaw University of Technology

Rektorska 4, 00-614 Warszawa, room 5.05

Platform Manager:            Anna BIAŁCZAK -

Laboratory Supervisor: Paulina ŚCIANA -

FabSpace Platform in Poland:


Polish Facebook Group: