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Geo hare and hounds and map editing


On 18 January, we had another visit of children – this time we could host the children from Non-Public Primary School of the Elblag University of Humanities and Economics. We started our adventure from geo hare and hounds – a simple outdoor game, where we learnt how to use a map in a practical way. Simultaneously, we also checked if the gate was exactly where it should be, as well as we found and counted the trees. What is more, the cold winter weather was not able to prevent us!

The second part of the workshop - the geoinformatics course - took place in the main building. „Oh myyyy, how many computers you’ve got here!!! My dream has come true!”-said Jacob, an 8-year-old boy. The young cartographers edited their maps according to the tasks which were assigned to them. The effects of their work are staggering, anyway check them up yourself (CLICK HERE).

In response to wide interest expressed by education institutions, we have developed a custom-designed programme of workshops for primary school children, in which we present the issues concerning geodesy, cartography and information technology in the form of fun and play. Our actions are guided by the motto saying that the trick is not to buy computers to children, the trick is to teach them how to use technology in a responsible and creative way.