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CAFaaS - Research on the use of cloud computing in the self-assessment process in accordance with the CAF

Industrial research of the project was aimed at obtaining new knowledge with regards to the applicability of a new web application that will allow a user to carry out self-assessment procedure according to the CAF method. Development work was focused on the practical application of the new knowledge and explored ways to create a new prototype system and client’s application.

At the stage of industrial research there was developed a unique methodology for carrying out implementation work for the purpose of developing an application that will support the implementation and use of the CAF method. There have been developed organizational and technical requirements and functional documentation for the hardware and software platform, designed to offer an appropriate level of services related to the implementation of the self-assessment process of particular units. At the development stage there will be developed technical documentation and a CAFaaS network service prototype.

The implementation phase of the project will be carried out by OPEGIEKA only and will be based on the implementation of the simulation system in company's ICT environment.