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Digital maps

Development and implementation of digital map based on airline mergers photogrammetry and remote sensing imagery

The project was conducted in two stages. Phase I - industrial research and development. Stage II - implementation. In the first stage, lasting from March 2010 until the end of July 2010, OPEGIEKA independently conducted industrial research aimed at acquiring new knowledge within the scope of integration of photogrammetric data, infrared data, laser measurements and field measurements in terms of their accuracy and usefulness, execution time, execution cost, terrain models, development and vegetation.

Research at this stage was performed for the selected and representative area around the Elbląg river. There were characteristic elements in the area such as: large height differences of terrain, wooded areas, floodplains, levees, bridges, power lines, power stations, roads, railways, harbor, waterfront, historic buildings, industrial facilities and areas of low and high residential development in Elblag. These elements allowed to perform accurate testing, giving representative and objective results. As a result of the first stage of the project there was described a new methodology for the production of digital maps. Phase II of the project - implementation, lasted eight months and ended with the implementation of a new type of digital maps based on the fusion of photogrammetric imagery and photodetection based on the results of the R & D work. The implementation stage was completed in October 2011.