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TAGIS - Research on the use of space-time analytical systems in decision support systems

The project concerns the development of technology for the construction of a multi-dimensional analytical processing system of four-dimensional spatial data, with time as the fourth dimension. OPEGIEKA is planning to develop IT technology for the purpose of creating 4D solutions that will take into account the structure of space-time data collection, the continuity of life cycle of dynamic objects, the methods of data management, its visualization, updates, publications, sharing and archiving. After completion the project will also work as a decision support system that is performing complex analyzes by using statistical tools and simulations of business scenarios.

The project has been divided into industrial research and development. Industrial research was related to multidimensional data structures and was designed to create a physical model of data, taking into account the way it is defined, stored and shared.The second part of industrial research related to analytical algorithms, their construction and technology which were to be based on. The third part of industrial research has been focused on ways to visualize the results of multi-dimensional analytical processing of spatial information, and system interfaces.

The implementation phase of the project will be carried out by OPEGIEKA only and will be based on the implementation of the simulation systems in company's ICT environment.