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Voice maps

Voice Maps - GIS system which helps the blind navigate in urban areas

- To improve the everyday life and comfort of the blind and people with insufficient eyesight by supporting them in their movements in urban areas.
- To calculate the best route for the user leading him to the selected target and to navigate him along the route.

- On client-side the application works on devices with Android operating system. No peripherals or dedicated equipment is required.
- The user interface employs voice recognition, speech synthesis mechanisms and touch screens.
- Spatial data is acquired by a special community and aggregated on the website, to preview and edit the data.

How does it work?
- The user is being directed to his target step by step, through consecutive nodes of the route. His geographical position and direction he faces are monitored on ongoing basis. In the event of detecting incorrect position a voice message is generated informing the user on how to get to the next node of the route.
- Along the way vital information on passed objects, near obstacles and potential risks is read to the user together with the type of the pavement on which the user is walking.

- Two-phase implementation:
Research and prototyping – Gdansk University of Technology,
Data acquisition and implementation – OPEGIEKA Sp. z o.o.