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OPEGIEKA’s activities aim at:

Exerting a real impact on the directions of development in the geospatial intelligence industry and using state-of-the-art technologies in order to create innovative geoinformatics solutions based on spatial information responding to the needs of business, administration and society.

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For the benefit of the natural environment

Our business activity is inextricably linked with Earth and consequently we want our maps, studies and outputs to serve the future generations. This is the reason why our development strategy is based on specific activities aimed at reducing a negative impact on the natural environment.

For the benefit of the local community

We do believe that the future belongs to well-educated young specialists and therefore we have been cooperating with universities and academic scientific associations for many years. We support the local community by sponsoring local events, such as Elbląg Days, Baltic Cup or Ogrody Polityki (The Garden Meetings of ‘Polityka’). We are not indifferent to the needs of public-benefit organisations, which is why we have been actively participating in ‘Szlachetna Paczka’ (Noble Gift) campaigns.


Our HR policy is intended to ensure optimum working conditions to our employees regardless of their position within the Company’s organisational structure. While undertaking the recruitment process, we search for professional experience, education and willingness to continuous learning regardless of the candidates’ age, origin, religious beliefs or personal opinions. Our relations with the co-workers are not focussed on official contacts only. The team-building meetings or events, table tennis competitions or tennis tournaments held on the Company’s tennis court appear to be a good opportunity to foster relationships and strengthen friendly ties among our employees.

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