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Foto 5 - Implementation of a new technology for analyzing remote sensing imagery


Project value – 17 460 500,00 zł

EU funds contribution– 10 476 300,00 zł

Project implementation period – 06.2023 – 04.2024


Program - European Regional Development Fund; European Funds for Smart Economy 2021-2027, Measure 2.32 Technological Credit, Priority 2. Innovation-friendly environment.


We are implementing the project to strengthen the potential and introduce innovative solutions to the enterprise. In the project, we plan to implement an innovative technology for creating geoinformation products. We will buy, install, and use a modern sensor, aerial platform, and dedicated onboard computer that will facilitate the analysis of image data in real-time. Our company’s employees who participate in the analysis and creation of maps based on aerial photographs will use the project. Ultimately, customers in Poland and abroad will be able to use the modern remote sensing technologies and image data analysis methodologies that will be introduced in our company. The project’s result will be to streamline the process of creating maps based on aerial photographs and improve the quality of geoinformation products produced.

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