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TreeQuant - Development of a self-learning IT analytical platform supporting the forest management process based on image data from photogrammetric cameras and a multi-spectral laser scanner point cloud.


Project value – PLN 2 777 700.00

EU funds contribution – PLN 1 596 340.75

Project implementation period – January 2018 – December 2020


Programme – the European Regional Development Fund, within the framework of the Regional Operational Programme for Warmia-Masuria in the years 2014-2020, Priority axis 1 “Intelligent economy of Warmia and Masuria”, Measure 1.2 “Innovative enterprises”, Sub-measure 1.2.1. „Research and development activity of the enterprise sector”.


The aim of the project is to develop a "self-learning" IT analytical platform supporting the forest management process based on image data from photogrammetric cameras and point cloud of multi-spectral laser scanner (LiDAR).


Research works will be carried out during the construction of the platform in the field of:

  • developing an artificial neural network structure for the purpose of classification of point clouds from aerial laser scanning
  • developing a methodology for using multi-spectral scanners to determine tree species
  • developing a method for processing data from multispectral laser scanners in order to provide forest managers with information supporting decision making in the field of:
    • determining areas of planned cuts;
    • assessment of cutting possibilities in terms of its impact on the natural environment;
    • planning the location of logging routes;
    • organisation of transport using current systems;
    • assessment of dehydration;
    • assessment of damage caused by natural disasters;
  • developing a method of using data from multispectral laser scanners for the purposes of identification and qualification of natural regeneration;
  • developing an information extraction methodology to support the management of monitoring of stand and undergrowth.


The direct result of experimental development will be the prototype implementation of methodologies developed at the stage of industrial research in the form of analytical modules in the cloud environment. In addition, the prototype of a dedicated application for mobile devices will be developed, allowing access to system data in the field (both in the range of the Internet and offline). The application will also allow sending information and measurements from the field directly to the system, which will improve the work of "self-learning algorithms".


Request for quotation from 26 January 2018

Employment of a research worker for the position Neural networks specialist


Short description of the subject of the order

The subject of the order is the provision by the Contractor of research services covering industrial research through employment under the contract commissioned as a Neural networks specialist.


Order implementation period:

15 February 2018 – 31 January 2019. 


Purpose of the order

The purpose of the contract is to carry out commissioned research and development works by an engaged research worker as a Neural networks specialist, serving to develop an artificial neural network architecture that, after prior training on classified data, will enable automatic classification of a point cloud from aerial laser scanning, taking into account classes, i.e. land, low vegetation, medium vegetation, high vegetation and buildings in accordance with the American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing standard.


Bid submission deadline

Until 12 o’clock on 12 February 2018.


Contact person regarding the request for quotation

  1. Substantive questions should be directed to Mr. Jakub Krawczyk to the e-mail address The Employer will answer technical questions by e-mail, provided that the questions are received no later than 2 days before the date of submission of the offers.
  2. In formal matters, please contact Ms Dorota Licznerska – phone number 55 237 60 39 (during office hours from 8 am until 3pm) or via e-mail

Complete request for quotation


Information about the selected contractor

After analyzing the offers, in the proceedings conducted in accordance with the principle of competitiveness in the mode of request for quotation (price inquiry) regarding employment of an employee in the position of Neural Network Expert for the purposes of implementing the project “Development of a self-learning IT analytical platform supporting the forest management process based on image data from photogrammetric cameras and a multi-spectral laser scanner point cloud” submitted offers were evaluated and the best offer was selected.


The offer submitted by Mr. Karol Szymański was considered the most advantageous.



The selected offer meets all the criteria set out in the request for quotation and obtained the highest number of points in the proceedings. The offer received 100.00 points out of 100.00 possible.

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