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Voice maps

Voice Maps - GIS system supporting the movement of blind in urban areas


Project value – PLN 3 806 700.00

OPEGIEKA funds contribution – PLN 825 000.00

Project implementation period – May 2010 – June 2013


Programme - A research project conducted as part of the IniTech project of the National Center for Research and Development carried out together with the Gdańsk University of Technology


Project’s goal - Development of a mobile navigation system for blind and partially-sighted people operating in densely built-up areas. The system uses smartphone class devices with a built-in GPS receiver, electronic compass and gyroscope. Based on the geometric and logical network of pedestrian routes, the system supervises and supports the user's movement along the planned route. The system works with the user using a touch interface and voice messages, providing information on distances to the nearest obstacles, about passing objects such as shops, institutions, traffic lights or even types of intercoms in front of the entrances to buildings.

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