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Foto 3 - Implementation of the results of research and development work through the elaboration of an efficient analytical platform for the processes of rapid acquisition and processing of data from the high altitudes from large areas with the use of remote sensing sensors based on artificial intelligence technologies.


Project value – PLN 18 942 000.00

EU funds contribution – PLN 9 240 000.00

Project implementation period – April 2019 –  December 2019


Programme – the European Regional Development Fund, within the framework of the Operational Program Intelligent Development in the years 2014-2020, Priority axis 3 “Support for Innovation in enterprises”, Measure 3.2 “Support for R&D results implementation”, Sub-measure 3.2.1. „Research on the Market”.


Subject of the project is an implementation of the results of research and development works concerning vertical integration of the processes of acquisition, processing and analysis of fast and slow changing remote sensing data from a high ceiling based on artificial intelligence.


Project will result in creating an unique analytical platform enabling full application of an advanced aerial sensors and the latest achievements in range of artificial intelligence and processing of great data sets. Main objective of the project is enhancing innovation and competitiveness of the OPEGIEKA company by implementation of R&D works results and launching new type of service in range of geospatial intelligence based on developed technology (analytical platform) of rapid acquisition and processing data from remote sensing sensors with use of artificial intelligence.

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