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We believe that continuous investment in modern technologies is the path to OPEGIEKA’s development. Our offer is based on four brands (LAB, SKY, IT and GEO) and allows for execution of interdisciplinary projects regarding geospatial intelligence: starting from a concept, through the execution stage, to implementation and maintenance of the product. We hold an official status of Research and Development Centre, which confirms that we create and implement innovative technologies and solutions within the framework of our business activities.


We are one of the very few companies in Poland which hold the official status of a research and development centre and we make our best efforts to meet the criteria allowing for annual renewal of the certification. Retaining the aforementioned status is an excellent confirmation in respect of innovativeness of our projects, particular attention to dynamic development of our products and services, as well as care of the development of science in Poland.


Pursuant to the decision of Janusz Piechociński, the Minister of Economy, OPEGIEKA was included into the restricted group of commercial scientific units holding the status of a research and development centre (CBR) on 13 August 2013.


Our objectives assume building long-term and partnership relations based on a ‘win-win’ formula. We are willing to share our data, knowledge and experience in order to work out and develop new solutions, optimise the existing processes and achieve better economic results.

We are active participants within the framework of the local and national geodesic (surveying), cartographic and IT clusters, as well as within the space sector and associations of employers.

Working at OPEGIEKA gives you an opportunity to


Touch Innovations

Work involving the use of technologically advanced solutions is a daily routine for us. We use equipment and software of the leading manufacturers within the industry. Additionally, we take advantage of the latest achievements of the open source community. A lot of our technologies are  based on original proprietary concepts in respect of which we have applied for patent protection.

Be a Scientist

Apart from executing contracts, our activities include seeking for improvements, innovations and methods of harnessing state-of-the-art technologies to increase manufacturing efficiency. We carry out research and development projects and grants in which research may result in writing a publication, academic paper or master’s dissertation. We do understand the need for continuous learning and improving qualifications, and we want to contribute to ensure proper conditions for applied science and implementation of research outcomes within the industrial environment.

Use New Technologies

The Company’s orientation towards the execution of innovative projects allows our teams to work in numerous evolving disciplines, such as GIS, big data, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, VR and AR, while simultaneously using tools based on cutting-edge technological and system developments: Windows, Linux, IOS, FME, Hadoop, Ceph, React and Kafka.

Influence the Surroundings

We focus on providing high-resolution digital information concerning the reality which surrounds us. We aspire to offer useful services and useful products on the basis of which public administration units and business entities take strategic decisions regarding the areas of their activity, assets, investments, infrastructure development, vegetation monitoring, etc.

Be a Member of Our Team

We play as a team, striving to achieve our common goal. We share our successes and failures with each other and we are continuously doing something new. Therefore, we seem to think that the time spent in the Company is nothing but sheer pleasure.

We are currently searching for

We are continuously searching for interesting people. If you feel that you are a perfect match for our environment and the Company will benefit from your arrival, check the job offers on the website of the brand of your choice and contact us at: praca@opegieka.pl.

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