New aircraft SP-OPE

New aircraft SP-OPE

We have purchased a new aircraft for our fleet under the name SP-OPE, model P2006T SMP by TECNAM®. It is distinguished by the possibility of mounting our flagship sensor, CItyMapper 2S, on it. This allows us to acquire vertical, oblique and LiDAR data simultaneously from a small aircraft.


The biggest added value for our fleet is the possibility to carry out flights over densely built-up urban areas, e.g. for True Ortho surveys. This allows us to offload other aircraft that are better suited for other applications.


What are the characteristics of this aircraft model? It is fully certified to CS/FAR 23 IFR standard. Thanks to the homologation for aviation and automotive fuel (with ethanol content of up to 10%), a high flexibility of fuel selection is ensured, including the option to mix it in any proportion. Its payload is relatively high (411 kg) thanks to a special weight reduction programme. It also allows a wide range of speeds (cruising from 55 to 145 kts). The manufacturer declares a maximum range of 669 nm (1239 km).


On the technical side, the wing design allows for increased flight stability, cabin comfort and improved visibility. Two fuel tanks located near the 100 hp (73 kW) Rotax 912S3 engines are capable of storing 200 l of fuel, which is enough for 5 hours of continuous operation. The retractable landing gear prevents reflections, interference and other obstacles to the acquisition of data from the on-board sensor.

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