The beauty of Earth on satellite imagery

The beauty of Earth on satellite imagery

We are happy to announce that our employee, Adam Wasilewski, has become the author of the most beautiful picture of the Earth. „Once upon a time on Ice Floe” is an image showing an area of the border between Canada and Greenland, which guaranteed the winning spot in the contest "Seize the beauty of our planet" organised by CloudFerro. 


The winners has been chosen during the online voting, as well as the selection of the jury, which consisted of members of European Commission, European Space Agency and CloudFerro. All the winning pictures will be published as a 2021 photo calendar, which will be send to chosen entities connected with the satellite surveying industry. 


We would like to congratulate Adam on his victory in the contest and hope for the further professional successes. Also the organisers deserve a praise for the implementation of the entire project.


The results and winning pictures are available here:

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