Call for Polish Space Fellowship Program

Call for Polish Space Fellowship Program

We are pleased to announce that OPEGIEKA has qualified for the 7th edition of Polish Space Fellowship Program as an internship host.

Within the program, we accept students, graduates and young scientists for a 5-month paid internship in the form of a civil law agreement.


Admission to the internship is through a competitive process.


What are our requirements from the candidates?


✓ Knowledge of Earth observation satellite systems,

✓ Basic knowledge of remote sensing and the necessary desire to expand this knowledge

✓ Preference of candidates from the following fields of study: geoinformatics, geodesy and cartography, geography, other natural sciences


Optional requirements:


✓ Fundamentals of geographic information systems (GIS)

✓ Fundamentals of databases (PostreSQL, PostGIS)

✓ Programming (Python),

✓ English language skills to the extent necessary for self-study and familiarization with English-language documentation,

✓ Communication skills,

✓ Willingness to improve own qualifications,

✓ Creativity

✓ Ability to work in a team

✓ Focus on common project success


What do we offer?


✓ Improved competence in the operational application of satellite and aerial remote sensing,

✓ Work in a young and dynamic team of experts involved in the development of modern tools and solutions enabling satellite monitoring of the Earth's surface to confirm and evaluate changes over time.


Applications will be accepted from March 21, 2022 to April 30, 2022.


If you are interested to be an intern within our company, please email your CV to and indicate us as your first or second preferred internship location.


Competition regulations:

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