Download the ULDK data easily with FME

Download the ULDK data easily with FME

Through the FME Hub we had published a tool allowing for downloading the ULDK data using FME. Expedite your work using LAB/opegieka’s solution for quick and easy data download from the land parcel location service.


Downloading the ULDK data using our transformer

Through FME Hub we had published the dedicated transformer allowing for easy download of the ULDK data using FME. Due to effective usage of ULDKdownloader, user is capable of greatly expedite the process of downloading data from the ULDK. Whole operation is about following a few simple steps.



  1. Downloading the data using the parcelID

In the first case to locate a land parcel the user has to use its ID. After assigning the attribute containing the ID to the parcelID field, the application will send a query and return the appropriate results.

  1. Downloading the data using coordinates

This option is based on querying the ULDK system by the application in accordance with the input point object for a given location. This is a convenient solution because information about the location of a given point can be easily obtained from any open-source application.


The query results will be returned via the Output port, which is responsible for sending the geometry of the land parcels with all the attributes for which data was obtained. Moreover, if the entered data is incorrect or the query does not return any results, the application will report every incorrect record via the Failed port and enclose the description of the failure reason.


What is the ULDK?

The land parcel location service is a system created for the needs of the Head Office of Land Surveying and Cartography, allowing for locating selected registration plots based on their identifiers and information collected in local land and building records databases. In case of a successful parcel location, the user obtains the geometry of the parcel indicated in the WKB standard, which is compatible with the majority of spatial data handling systems.


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