OPEGIEKA resells Hexagon aerial data

OPEGIEKA resells Hexagon aerial data

We are proud to announce that OPEGIEKA has signed a distribution agreement with Hexagon to become the first official partner in Poland authorised to resell aerial data from the HxGN Content Program. Interested organisations will be able to order aerial data of any area in Poland through the dedicated online portal.


The data offered within the HxGN Content Program has been acquired in four spectral bands (R, G, B and NIR) at 30 centimetres resolution and is available for download or streaming. The currency of the data is one of its main advantages. The whole Poland has been captured from 2017 to 2020, and 220.807 square kilometres (70.6% of the entire country’s territory) have been refreshed during flights executed in 2020. Furthermore, carrying out the detailed geospatial analyses is facilitated due to the fact that the imagery has been acquired and processed using Leica Geosystems’ sensors and software, which guarantees uniformity of the data.


However, the aerial imagery will not be the only product offered by OPEGIEKA within the signed agreement. Digital Surface Model (DSM) at 80 centimetres resolution, which is part of the freshly launched service, is a product that clearly stands out because of its specificity, coherence and currency. The DSM is the layer used to execute tasks related to landscape and city modelling visualisations and flood simulations, as well as conducting land development research and other geological tasks.


Currently, the works to launch the dedicated order portal are underway. The platform will enable interested organisations to retrieve detailed information about the chosen areas of interest in real-time. The information will include the availability of the data for a selected area, as well as the time-frame of the image acquisition.


As a distribution partner, OPEGIEKA has extended its contribution to the promotion of the HxGN Content Program data. So far the company has been involved in acquiring the aerial imagery according to Hexagon’s requirements from 2017 to 2020.


Until the official launch of the online portal, please contact Ms. Karolina Wróbel ( to purchase desired datasets.

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