OPEGIEKA with new VQ-1560 II laser scanner

OPEGIEKA with new VQ-1560 II laser scanner

During current Intergeo, taking place in Stuttgart, OPEGIEKA has been announced as a first company in the world to purchase a brand new Riegl VQ-1560 II laser scanner. That sensor will allow for conducting works more efficiently and gathering a high density point clouds.


The laser frequency at 4 MHz level is said to be crucial parameter of the newly purchased sensor. Such value enables measurement of 2.66 million points per second, so four times more than popular Riegl VQ-780. In reality it means faster data collection because of acquiring data on higher altitude or gathering much denser point clouds.


Scanner’s great productivity and possibility to operate on flight levels usually reserved by military was the most significant in choosing that model. Point clouds of density exceeding 60 pts/m2 or in good weather conditions even 100 pts/m2, so values yet unreachable for aircraft other than UAV operating on low altitudes, became accessible for OPEGIEKA.


Effective processing of such amount of data might seem to be a challenge. OPEGIEKA believes that thanks to machine learning algorithms created within R&D works, as well as capacity of own data center, it will not be a problem. The firm plans to conduct such works in as automative way as possible, preserving the high accuracy of point classification at the same time.


That investment is a response to growing interest in dense point clouds showed by companies operating in the Western Europe.

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