POLSCAN – 1st National LiDAR User Forum

POLSCAN – 1st National LiDAR User Forum

First National LiDAR User Forum – POLSCAN is approaching. It will take place in Forest Research Institute in Sękocin Stary on 22-23 October 2019.


The main objective of the event is creating a constant Polish nationwide forum of scientific and technological information, as well as the results of practical implementations exchange between users, scientists and companies. Representatives of the most important polish universities, organisations and enterprises connected with software, acquisition, processing and analysing LiDAR data have announced their participation. OPEGIEKA will appear as a golden sponsor of the event and will provide a few R&D speeches.


Presentations will be given by the following:

  • Jakub Krawczyk – on the future of development directions of LiDAR technologies and industry from OPEGIEKA’s perspective
  • dr Bogusław Kaczałek – “Classification of multispectral aerial laser scanning data using Random Forests algorithm”
  • Dominik Mielczarek – „Usage of Riegl VQ-1560i-DW in order to quickly identify invasive species in riverside forests by the example of box elders”

The agenda also includes two speeches in preparation of which two OPEGIEKA’s employees have been involved:

  • Jarosław Chormański1, Piotr Sikorski1, Leszek Hejduk1, Tadeusz Figura2, Wojciech Dominik2 (Warsaw University of Life Sciences1, OPEGIEKA2) – „Bispectral ALS data and multispectral UAV imagery in detecting selected hydromorphological indicators on the example of rivers Liwiec and Vistula”
  • Kamil Onoszko1, Paweł Hawryło2, Jakub Krawczyk3, Dominik Mielczarek3 (Forest Inspectorate of Dobrocin1, University of Agriculture in Krakow2, OPEGIEKA3) – “Inventory of post-hurricane damage in tree stands using multi-source remote sensing imaging on the example of Forest Inspectorate of Stare Jabłonki”.

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