SP-OPK has landed

SP-OPK has landed

Implementation of new technology for remote sensing analysis of image data is complete. 


A new aircraft with the SP-OPK markings has joined our fleet of aircraft, which will take our geo-information services to a new level. 



SP-OPK in the air 


  The SP-OPK is not only a modern twin-engine aircraft (Diamond DA62 MPP modified to our specification), but a complete flight platform equipped with a dedicated photogrammetric sensor (Leica Citymapper 2S Hybrid Sensor) and an on-board computer running our proprietary software for real-time error detection on acquired aerial imagery. 


 Construction of the platform required access to data from the photogrammetric sensor during the flight and the development of proprietary software using artificial neural networks to detect images with recorded clouds or their shadows, blurred or with inadequate coverage. All modifications have received the relevant EASA certificates. 


 As a result of the implementation of the new technology, our photoflight services will be carried out more efficiently and potential data problems will be caught and verified in flight. The operator has two screens in front of him to control and observe the system, one displaying the status of the flight and the other providing the results of the analysis of the acquired images. This allows better and faster decisions to be made, ensuring the highest quality of data. This is particularly important when working with hybrid sensors, which acquire thousands of images during a single mission. 


The project entitled. ‘Implementation of a new technology for remote sensing analysis of image data’ is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the European Funds for Smart Economy 2021-2027, Measure 2.32 Technology Credit, Priority 2. Innovation-friendly environment. 


Project value: PLN 17,460,500.00 ; European Funds contribution: PLN 10,476,300.00 



  On-board computer running our proprietary software for ongoing analysis of the images  

Leica Citymapper 2S photogrammetric sensor modified for real-time data processing


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