The most effective remote sensing platform in Poland

The most effective remote sensing platform in Poland
Beechcraft King Air C90, Riegl VQ 1560 II, Vexcel Eagle Mark 3,

In January 2020 OPEGIEKA finished implementing new remote sensing platform into its business activity. Owing to the fact of combining fast turboprop engine aircraft with set of the top-notch sensors, the new service in geospatial intelligence based on artificial intelligence technology has been introduced.


The platform consists of:

  1. Aerial laser scanner Riegl VQ-1560-II
    VQ-1560-II system is a fully integrated remote sensing platform enabling for simultaneous acquisition of points clouds as well as RGB aerial imagery. The scanner is able to work at 5.6 km height, which let us mapping the large areas effectively. Working at 2 x 1.33 million points per second it is the fastest laser scanner available. All sensors are equipped with GPS/IMU system and installed on the same gyro-stabilised mount.

    Skaner Riegl VQ 1560 II wchodzi w skład nowej platformy teledetekcyjnej OPEGIEKA.

    The scanner’s details:

    • scanning frequency up to 2 x 2000 kHz;
    • scanning with infrared wavelength;
    • scanning angle up to 58°;
    • simultaneous acquisition of aerial imagery using RGB 100 MP medium-format camera Phase One iXU RS 1000;
    • registering multiple reflections of the single pulse (full waveform).

  2. Large-format aerial camera Vexcel Eagle Mark 3
    The camera enables for acquiring imagery of so far unparalleled resolution (450 MP) and thanks to replaceable lenses with great focal length also acquiring data from high altitudes in the vicinity of intense air traffic such as airports.

    Wymienne obiektywy zwiększają dają szerokie możliwości zastosowania kamery.

    The camera’s details:

    • PAN imagery resolution stands at 26.460 x 17.004 pixels;
    • dynamic range stands at 72 dB;
    • simultaneous acquisition of 4 spectral ranges: R, G, B and NIR;
    • radiometric resolution stands at 14-bit;
    • integrated forward motion compensation system;
    • replaceable lens set (100 and 210 mm).

  3. Turboprop aircraft Beechcraft King Air C90
    Beechcraft King Air C90 is a base of OPEGIEKA’s aerial remote sensing platform. It is one of the most popular turboprop engine aircraft in the world. It has been produced since 1969 and more than 3100 models were created. The aircraft had been modified in order to meet the company’s photogrammetric needs.

    Beechcraft King Air C90

    The aircraft’s details:

    • two turboprop engines;
    • pressurised cabin;
    • max. altitude 9100 metres;
    • ground speed achieved during the mission up to 418 kilometres per hour;
    • max. operational time up to 5.5 hours.

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